Post 758: The Keesh of Death

Yes! A Pet Week Extraordinaire and other E words is wrapping up! Hope you had fun, animal lovers!



One year old very timid keeshound.her name is Nikita she super shy but once she gets to know you she will love you to death. I unfortunately have to rehome her because my husband and I just don’t have the time to give her that she needs. we will be asking a adoption fee of $600 to make sure she goes to a good home

Little Nikita is going to a good home, as opposed to the one she is in. I notice Sparky doesn’t mention any possible AKC papers, so maybe the dog isn’t pure bread. Looks a little pretzely to me. Hence the keeshound instead of keeshond. I’m just not sure I want a dog with a death option. Couldn’t find the safety under all that fur. Hope this pup has found a better life without Sparkys.


5 thoughts on “Post 758: The Keesh of Death

  1. Hmm, KEES is an AM radio station in Gladewater, Texas. They appear to have no canine ties. (As a gospel station, they probably associate hounds with Cerebus, rather than fluffballs.)

    Kees is a family name, too; but none are reporting a missing dog.

    Kee is also a family name (see also Key, Cay, and Cee), but do not appear to have been naturists or zoologists likely to have naned a dog breed.

    All of which suggests the dig wrote the ad, as Sparke & Sparkette Kee are near moribund from being lubbed on, and can no longer reach the bag of treets

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  2. Matt/Corey (I can never remember which is which)/ As the faithful servant to a Not a Ninja (aka a Keeshond) I am guessing that if Spark & Sparkette work full time their little bundle of joy has probably put in a lot of destruction of their home. They are mischievous little pups with a tendency toward separation anxiety. At a year old she is probably coming to the end of the bad behavior and settling in to be a wonderful, happy playful family dog that is going to make someone other than the Sparks very happy. /end Cory/Matt

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