Post 759: A Match Made in Sparkyville

Item the First

Guinea pigs
3 Guinea pigs need to be rehome. We don’t have enough space for them. They are very tame and cute. 1 brown girl and 2 boys. Brown girl and white boy were born September
17 this year. The other one is one year old. Rehome fee is $15 each . Thanks . Serious inquiry only.
Located near [Ish]

Item the Second

Looking for guinea pig (s)
Hello we have a young female guinea desperatly. Looking for a cage mate we have a massive 12+square foot cage (I can provide photos if you would like ). I built ,. It has a extra level in middle , we have always tons of hay as I buy in bulk. We got this lil gal for our older girl but she just passed and now we have a little gal needing a partner , we are located in [Location] and can pay for gas if needed (most likely) just give me a fair price , we have had zero luck finding anyone having females out to here or is available so it would much helpful if anyone can help out , as I am one to not go to petstores (I rather adopt than give to places like that ). I can gladly answer any questions needed ,. If you made it this far thank-you for your time

Frankly, I don’t think English is the first language, and maybe not even the second language, of poster the second. However, should these two crazy kids get together, they can introduce the three to the one and wild and crazy guinea pig parties! Thanks, NinjaChow, for finding both ads and seeing the possibilities.


3 thoughts on “Post 759: A Match Made in Sparkyville

  1. Sire, the walls of dear Harfleur are breeched, what shall we do ere the base Britons sack?
    Loose the pigs!
    The pigs, sire? Which ones?
    The genie, ere gerbert, er, the fuzzy ones!

    To the Breech, the breech, or wall it up with our guineaed pigs!
    In Peace nothing so becomes as nibbling on a carrot. But when the dread face of War presents, to wrinkle up the nose like a Tyger!

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