Post 760: In Which Sparky Tries to Get His Rocks Off



Rocks free for the taking, most are 4″- 6″ range
Near [Ruh-roh] and [Location]
Calls or texts only, ad will be removed when gone

Submitter Ralph sums this up: “Is Sparky too stoned to just bury this collection? I’ve seen bigger piles of Legos.”  At least he is not charging for the pleasure of hauling his rocks away. Good luck, Sparky!


3 thoughts on “Post 760: In Which Sparky Tries to Get His Rocks Off

  1. Now, if only there were, say, sticks of a given dimension–a yard, a meter, 5.25 knives–to give scale to the inage.
    Perhaps even a wherlbarrow, like the one the rocks could well be in (to have an idea of volume).

    To what end would we put this stony conglomeration? A tiny bridge? A witch? Is this even a duckweight?

    So many questions . . .

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  2. To stone or not to stone
    That is the question.
    Whether tis better to mason
    Microscopically or wall up
    Against a tide on Ants.
    And, by opposing them
    Bridge in duckweight aplenty.
    Could such debris be bury-ed
    Or set from vision, away
    Ere it be forgot
    Or to linger, a beating rock
    Under the floorbiatds of outrageous fortune?
    O, dear Ophelia, thou are voice if reason
    Clout me with such stones
    About head and neck
    Or swep them away
    To sleep
    As with the fishes?

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