Post: 761: We Got Trouble

24’ collapsed pool


24’ pool collapsed in back yard. Free for salvage. Not including filter. Just come pick it up

Oh, we got trouble, right here in River City!

With a capital “T”

And that rhymes with “P”

And that stands for pool…

Catchy rhyme, Ralph, sounds slightly familiar. Thanks for the ad, this has to be one of the laziest Sparkies I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t even get the water all out. Maybe one is expected to take the water, too?


4 thoughts on “Post: 761: We Got Trouble

  1. So, all the valuable bits are removed, and only the no salvage value items are left 9and a partial pool of water).

    And, too lazy to even to try and Tom Sawyer the work don, too.

    Makes a person wonder whose house this actually is, and just what sort of party was throwing when the pool was damaged.

    And now, you are soliciting for co-conspirators after the fact?

    Is there no end to CL scofflawry?

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  2. Friends, CLers, country men
    I come not to fix the pool, but to bury it.
    To cover all blame as surely as possible.

    It is said that one’s sins live on in memory
    And we see here a grievous sin, so sayeth Spark’
    And Spark is a CL person

    Sure the pool is rent and torn
    And beyond use ever again, so, out with the old
    Remove all trace, and with it the blame, so sayeth Spark’
    And Spark is a CL person

    Water not yet removed, and see here the
    Remaining shroud of what proudly was
    Struck down in prime, in the fullness of utility
    Gone now but the corpse, so sayeth Spark’
    And Spark’ is a CL person

    Neither will nor testament to be made
    Ere remembering the pool might attain
    And upon perpetrators, the Stain
    Take it away, ne’er to be seen again

    So sayeth Spark’
    And Spark’ is a CL person


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