Post 762: No Dice

labradoodle female 8 months
exceptional sweet gentle smart calm indoor outdoor hypoallergenic shed free 8 month old tween age puppy. excellent lineage her father is a standard poodle and mother is multigen golden doodle labradoodle. both parents work for a living. she is mostly standard poodle and it shows. premium care from birth to present. gets along perfectly with others. raised around kids and livestock. $1200 rehome fee. advert removed when exceptional home found. robots and idiots will be ignored. no phone no dice. she is starting formal classes now and will be more valuable the more she learns. excellent family seeing eye service herding shepherd search rescue companion agility schutzhund detection setter pointer retriever prospect. no issues. she is not a rescue. any questions just reread the advert.

If the dog is so smart, you should have let her write the ad. I bet she knows how to capitalize and avoid run-on sentences. Plus the threat that if we make you take her to classes, you will add the cost of that to her “rehome fee”. Raised around kids and livestock, so no adults were involved. Probably for the best.


3 thoughts on “Post 762: No Dice

  1. Gee, Spark, over-sell much?

    Not picturing how a seeing-eye schutzen/pointer is going to work out in actual practice, too.
    If the dog spots a bord halfway through a crosswalk and stops to point is likely to be an issue. As would be chasing off to ush a pheasant. (We shall leave aside a blind person with a shotgun . . .. )

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