Post 763: Fewer Dice

1982 Board Game “It’s A Man’s World” PHAD Productions New Sea – $30Brand new and still sealed after over 35 years!

post 763 game

The mere title of this game (along with the fact that its makers had the audacity to produce it in the USA) should be enough to throw your favorite Democrat / Commie / Liberal / Fake-News / Feminazi friend into a full-fledged fit.
The game is vaguely similar in play to Careers in that there are different tracks that players can take, however, players must roll and move, and then do whatever the spaces instruct them to do.
Pieces move around an outside blue track if the piece is male, and the inside pink track if the piece is female. This is purportedly so that the men can protect the women.
Players move by rolling 2 dice, if on the outside track, and 1 die if on the inside track. Men start with paychecks of $710 and Women with $300. The first player to reach 10 status points and amass $20,000 wins!

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