Post 764: Hello, Dollies!

Beautiful Porcelain Dolls – $1


I have some beautiful porcelain dolls too many to load all the pictures but here is a lot most of them are brand new in excellent condition well worth over what I’m asking for them with Christmas and holidays coming up they would make a great gift every single one has certificate of authenticity and its original box. Some of them sing have stands and accessories. For any questions or more info please feel free to call or text me I can take up close pictures for better photo quality upon request. . show contact info
Open to all offers
Georgetown collection peaches &cream by Ann Timmerman, Ariel the spring angel by Ann Timmerman, Todller by Marie Osmond, Gustave and Gretchen, Ann by Kelly RuBert, Bess by Rose Pinkul, little ballerina by Susan Wakeen, first kiss Hamilton collection, waiting for santa by Elaine Campbell, Morgan Brittany collectable dolls, The prestige collection(samantha, Haward, boy on sleigh, Pamela) connoisseur collection by Seymour Mann(6), porcelain dolls(2)

Make it stop! I can’t take all these run-on sentences and lack of punctuation. I don’t want to know how they sing “Have Stands and Accessories.” I want my verbs to agree with the noun, like “here is a lot more of them are brand new, etc.” I can readily believe these dolls are worth more than a dollar. It’s odd to see the seller offer the low ball. I better go collect myself after this nonsense.


3 thoughts on “Post 764: Hello, Dollies!

  1. Is it a dollar for the lot, or apiece?
    What conditions are attached?

    Aside, there’s a town in Sicily selling houses for just one euro. The catch is that most need from 50 to 90 percent restoration, and you have to make all repairs in 3 years.
    Current owners are up against steep Italian property taxes on unrentable buildings, so selling for 1 euro is cheaper.

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  2. Out, out! D-mn Dolls!
    Who knew the things ha’ so much plastic in them?
    For old things, so cobwebbed, too
    Fie, foul Fate–where is McDuff
    When needs most, with dollar in hand
    An’ opportuned to buy.
    Dolls, dolls. Dolls!


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