Post 768: Snap On! Snap Off!

snap on solus ultra – $1000
nice computer ..has no damage ..touch screen looks new ..battery works perfect ..updated to 12.4
looking to get 1000 obo for it… these sell for around 4000 new and this one looks new
also always interested in trades ..lmk what you have

(checks pockets) I seem to be fresh out of obos. But I found half a peanut. Also have these bird toys that need cleaning (ew) and a few finches (not in my pockets). Cough drops, a bit of chain, tickets from a raffle I didn’t win, a plastic yo-yo with a broken string, a dozen box tops, and half a candy bar. Mmmm. Scratch the candy bar.

Sparky, you should find some punctuation, a few capital letters, and study sales if you really want to get top obo for this item.


2 thoughts on “Post 768: Snap On! Snap Off!

  1. Sparky found this after “it fell offa truck” then looked it up on Amazon, and used the first number he saw.

    The Solus (a car diagnostic tool that reads error codes) is now up to version 19 or so. The 17.2 goes for $4k on Amazon, but, that’s with everything in the box (cabkes, adapters, _instructions_,, a carry case, the works.

    If Spark were not a lazy lout, they might have seen that factory refurbished 14.2 (with all the kit) are only getting $1900. That “preowned” were maxing out at a grand, and that the average auction price was about $400.

    So, spark ought to just take the hundred the pawn shop is offering.
    And get as much pizza & weed as that will buy.

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