Post 769: Nice Assortment You Have There

Nice assortment of new Christmas stuff – $1
Downsizing and selling some of my extra Christmas things. Most items or new or haven’t been used, so they’re in very good condition. Prices start at 10 cents. Hopefully, the prices show up in the pictures. Cash only, please. Thanks for looking!
P.S. the star ornaments have been sold
the Santa coaster has been sold
the Santa toothpick holder was stolen
the green garland has been sold
the red bicycle bags have been sold

Shopper: I’d like the Santa coaster, please.

Sparky: Yes, one coaster — Oh, sorry, it was sold.

Shopper: Was it? Then I’d like the green garland.

Sparky: Sold it just before you walked in.

Shopper: How about the bicycle bags? You do have bicycle bags, don’t you?

Sparky: Yes, of course, we do. Well, we did. Sold every one.

Shopper (tapping foot): Star ornaments?

Sparky: Sold. Sorry.

Shopper: You haven’t sold the toothpick holder, have you?

Sparky: No, no, couldn’t sell that!

Shopper: Why not?

Sparky: It was stolen, wasn’t it?

Shopper: I see. So your nice assortment is rather a bunch of left-over junk, isn’t it?

Sparky: (looking around) Pretty much, yeah.

Shopper: Happy Christmas, you stupid git.

Sparky: Same to you, Mother.


3 thoughts on “Post 769: Nice Assortment You Have There

  1. To sell or not to sell,
    That us thequestion.
    Whe’er tis nobler in mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous pricing
    Or, take up arms against a swath of harage sales
    And, by oppossing, to not bargain nor haggle
    No more, to sleep in on a Saturday
    And not trek across town, futile.
    And end the thousand shocks and dismays
    But ne’er reach the bargain, to find the sale
    Of which we dream, perchance to sleep.
    And, there’s the rub
    For, in dreams, all will fit in the trunk.
    Against this animus we wage
    And weigh merits against quietus,
    Or, to let fair Ophelia sleep.


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  2. Cats, cats are the authors of this ad.
    Change the photos?
    No, there’s only the one layer of food in the bowl, therefore it’s all gone, and we languish here, to starve.
    Is thea shiny? Can I bite it?

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