Post 772: When Santa Outsources

Pet Dog Cat Christmas Costume, Funny Santa XL (chest girth 60-78cm) – $17
Pet Dog Cat Christmas Costume, Funny Santa Claus Riding Outfit for Small Large Dogs, Santa Claus Riding Pet to Send Gift Knight Pets Clothes Suit for Christmas Dressing up, Include 4 Pet Socks Color: XL (chest girth 60-78cm)
🎄Product Feature:🎄
1.The magical Santa Claus styling will make your pet more attractive and dynamic in crowd.
2.Red saddle clothing and Santa Claus dolls make your home Christmas atmosphere stronger.
3.Made of high quality felt cloth, Light and easy to wear and your pets will like it.
4.It has good softness and elasticity, can be reused, and can be twisted and deformed at will.
5.It can be adjusted slightly in accordance with pet size,which ensures pet more cosy and snug.
XL:Neck 18″-20.5″/44-53cm, chest 24″-30″/60-78cm.
🎄Package Incluing:🎄
1 X Pet Santa Claus Costume
4 X Pet Socks

Have some word salad! This serving is extra chewy and tasteless. I can’t pick a favorite between “Small Large Dogs” or “Send Gift Knight Pets” or “Pet Socks Color: XL”. I’m worried because my pet is already pretty dynamic in a crowd. I do like that the outfit can be deformed at will. Good softness! Sit! Stay!


4 thoughts on “Post 772: When Santa Outsources

  1. Uhm, if you have a _cat_ (as mentioned at the top of the salad) with a chest measurement of 45-55cm, you have other issues than finding it an xnas costume. And that before addressing the risks invovled in convincing your jaguar/cougar/leopard that it _wants_ to wear a costume at all . . .

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  2. A rose, a rise, my dog house for a rose
    What smell is that in the East
    Tis not the Dawn but the doggo felt
    But, Horatio, Yorrick was an honorable man
    To the ad! To the ad! And wall ot up with hopeless kitsch. For nothing so becomrs the sparkii as putting Santa on a Tiger!
    Now, let slip the dogs of xmas!

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