Post 774: O Tannenbomb

Large tree

post 774 tree.jpg

Need gone ASAP

Sparky is a man or woman of few words, and fewer ideas. Get the fake tree off the porch ASAP as quickly as possible. Take it out of the box? Nonsense. But how are people going to know what it is? Well, it says so in the ad and on the box, doesn’t it?

Ralph submitted this one and wishes us all a Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!


3 thoughts on “Post 774: O Tannenbomb

  1. Wait, we are meant to take Spark’s word? How in a six sides octagon are we to do that?
    The lower bos says “x mass tree bottom” but there is no indication of the contents of the upper box. If could be a fern. Or a Palm. Why, even a Larch!

    How are we to know?

    We also have the dilemma of just what are in the boxes. An artificial tree? A formerly living tree? A pile of pinecones for an Ikea tree?

    And given sparkii speeling, this could be a troll, too. Who will be cranky for having been stuffed into boxes and discarded on to the porch.

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  2. Boxes filled not with xmas cheer
    But arboreal terror we fear
    Instead of treat, a trick, this e’en
    As worse we have seen
    In unhallowed CL pages past
    To leave us aghast.
    Get thee behind me, O Sparky
    Let us have our holiday!

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  3. To the Tree! To the Tree!
    Or fill it up with our CL dread.
    In time of peace, nothing so begets
    A holiday as cheer and not.a.lions.
    But, in time of CL, to screw up the viasage
    In semblance of Orc or Troll
    And hulk, lurking on Porch.
    And hence, we retreat, to the armored
    Embrace of dear Harfleur
    There to bedazzle in Yule spirits


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