Post 777: Merry Christmas, Grandma!

Freedom Terrace Plots (Side by Side) El [Locatione] – $13600
State: California
City: [Locatione]
Detail: Two plots at Freedom Terrace
Location: El [Locatione] Memorial Park

Spaces 702 C and 702 D within the Freedom Terrace Lawn. Facing the canyon with good view (bell decoration, trees, bright, and good Feng Shui), peaceful, and quiet.
Family members can relax to visit their love ones.
These are “Side by Side Plots” with a current market retail value of $15500.00 each. Asking for $13600.00 for both or best offer, and the land can be sold as a pair or a single plot (one for $6800.00/best offer). It is peace of mind to protect yourself or to the love ones. Location is convenience close to major roadways as well as ### highway, in additional to 15 mins drive local streets to Inter-state ## freeway. El [Locatione] is right at the canyon. The plots are situated in middle of the hill. Visitors no need to walk too high, and no worry of flooding after heavy rains. There are enough sunlight, no direct tree roots surround the properties that could damage the casket(s).
Seller has all paperwork on hand, and will pay the transfer of ownership fees. In order to properly transfer ownership between both parties, transaction may perform in El [Locatione] office with legal title(s) paperwork processing. Both parties may be at El [Locatione] by arrangement or may use escrow service if no present in persons. No personal check, cash and/or well known USA bank/CU cashier cheque to be accepted. Land is including the endowing lawn care fund. However, land open – close soil fees, the head stone and other funeral related fees are not included to the properties. Funeral services are very expensive and to increase thru time. Looking for land in short notice is also a stressful experience. So this is a good time to plan ahead and for peace of mind.
Owner is out of town, appointment to be make for properties showing at weekend only. Or you can request El [Locatione] office professional representative to show you the exact location of the land.
Enquiry to this listing only, no other sales of merchandise or services.

‘Tis the season to plan for the afterlife! What better surprise for your elderly relatives than a gift that says Whenever we visit you, we’ll enjoy the view and the Feng Shui with a little wasabi. But don’t hold your breath for the visit.


4 thoughts on “Post 777: Merry Christmas, Grandma!

  1. Is our dissembly appeared?
    O, a stool and a cushion for the sexton.
    Which be the malefactors?
    Marry, that am I and my partner.
    Nay, tis certain graves twain vie.
    But which are the offenders?
    Veeily, bring them hence, from out of state.
    I Borachio am.
    And, I, Conrade.
    I Dogberry be.
    Borachio scribe them all.
    I say to you sirrahs that you be false knaves and do not bespoke Goodness.
    Master, you do not go the way to examine:: You must summon the Watch that are their acccusers.

    Yea, marry, that’s the eftest way. I charge you accuse these.

    Why sirrah, tis Don John, the Prince’s brother, who is a villain.
    I pray thee, villain, peace, I do not like thy look, I promise thee.
    What heard you him say else?
    That he would selk grave plots for 13 score ducats, some many kwatloo, and a eldrich bassoon.
    What else, fellow?
    That the land be Count Claudio, who is abroad, but fey to vend his land in his name. But, only for cash, except by leave of that office and its yeomen.
    Such perfidy and sauce!

    O villain! Thou wilt be condemned into eveasting redemption for this!
    Now, Sexton, inscribe, where hath he hied?

    Dost thou not suspect my place? Dost thou npt suspect my years? O, that he were here to write me down an ass? But, masters, remember that I am an as; even though it not be writ. No, thku villain, thou art full of piety, such as shall be proved upon thee by good witness. I am a wise fellow, and, which is more, an officer, and, more a householder, which is more than a petty piece of land than in graveyards of Ish.
    O, bring him away that I had been writ down an ass!

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