Post 779: Please Spray or Nutter Your Boxes

Boxes (not moving )
9 X 6 X 6 boxes. These are not moving boxes

Sure, they’re not moving. You stunned them just as they were coming around. Probably pining for the fjords. Sparky used them on Boxing Day and now they’re on CL. Unwanted, unloved, stacked in a corner of the cold garage and if someone doesn’t give them a home, out they go on trash pick up day.

It’s a sad thing when people don’t care enough to spray or nutter their boxes. Thanks to submitter Ralph for the timely ad.


3 thoughts on “Post 779: Please Spray or Nutter Your Boxes

  1. Well, Spark did include the size. 9×6 will just about hold a National Geographic, but 6″ deep is probably only going to hold 22 or 23, not quite two years’ worth. And weigh a ton.
    Would be maybe 6-7 paperback books, and would be a handy way to package them before they achieved neutronium sorts of mass proportions.
    (Oddly enough, boxes for disposable diapers seem to neatly box up paperbacks, if a person were moving.)

    9×6 is not going to pack up plates very well, though.

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