Post 784: Alas, Fairlady

Schwinn stingray fairlady
Schwinn stingray fairlady tribute/ replica frameset. 20”
Frameset is new and comes with Frame, Forks, and chainguard
Free- must be picked up by tomorrow 1-6-19 or its scrap metal
Right of driveway of ### [Something Spanish] – [Los Ish] – behind trash cans, wrapped in plastic shown in picture

Sparky, I don’t care what the woman did to you, dismembering her and wrapping her in plastic, then tricking someone on Craigslist to come to pick up the body is just wrong! Most Americans would put the body in the trash bins. Stop being so un-American.


2 thoughts on “Post 784: Alas, Fairlady

  1. Ok, the Schwinn Stingray and Fairlady bikes are similar but not the same.
    One is not the other. Just as Count Chocula is not Frankenberry, or a Karman-Ghia is not a Beetle.
    And, this is not even original Schwinn?
    A “tribute”? (Is that sparkii for “rip off”?)

    And, who on earth reads cl rapidly enough to meet a one-day deadline?

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