Post 785: They See Me Rolling, They Running

2015 Smith & Wesson ex police mountain bike – $150

post 785 bike.jpg

bicycle frame material: aluminum
bicycle type: mountain
brake type: caliper
condition: good
frame size: 53 cm
handlebar type: bullhorn
suspension: suspension fork (hardtail)
wheel size: 26 in
Just finished tuning it up , fresh oil on chain , air in tires , ready for next owner , still has police written on side, fun to ride around on lol,very durable bike , original cost was $750
Mag wheels , near new tires ,gel seat ,RST extreme front shocks, shimano group set .
Asking $150 obo
Would like it sold by this weekend , if not sold by weekend , willing to accept any decent offer

I imagine Police obos are hard to come by. Sure glad Sparky put air in those tires. I’m surprised he’s not charging extra for it. Of course, letting people know he will take less for it after the weekend is a very Sparky thing to do.


3 thoughts on “Post 785: They See Me Rolling, They Running

  1. Hmm. The “bike community” does not think very highly of these–which may explain why they are no longer in production.

    “Smith & Wesson” was bought by the global holding company Cerebus, who have slapped that trademark on as many things as they can find to try and drive the price up.

    Spark is being lazy, “real” boke types all use nitrogen to inflate their tires.

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