Post 788: A Dubious D-Cup

Wine glasses


make / manufacturer: Presidents Choice
12 new wine glasses still in the box

I don’t want wine glasses, I want the boots! Submitter NinjaChow wants to know, “But do the boots come with?” Sparky can be so confusing some times. Puts the boots in the photo for the glasses. Now we have to search for boots. Honestly, those cups can’t be size D. I’d guess an A, at most.


4 thoughts on “Post 788: A Dubious D-Cup

  1. “President’s Choice” if memory serves, is Sam’s brand of decent glassware. Reasonably elegant, a decent weight to glass (so that it does not feel gossamer fragile–yes, I’m looking at you, Pier 1 ).

    Now, the shoes–those look to be ski boots. And there’s no such as ski boots that fit. They look all nice, on a row, and innocent, too. Just like gremlins, really. Feed them some snow . . .

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