Post 789: Modern Old Technology

HVAC Blower Fan OBO – $30
condition: excellent
Parted out from a 5 ton heating / Air conditioning that was replaced in our house. Ran perfectly when removed. will run on 120 or 240 volts AC. Great for garage cooling.
I am old and so is my cell phone so we do not text, texts will not be received or responded to. I am a disabled Viet Nam vet so I am slow. Please call or respond to this email with location and pickup time.
[Sparky]’s Cell (###) $$$-** number number NO TEXTS

Apparently, this blower can work an Obo. I’m not sure where it would hook up. Does one still have to finger it? So to speak. Sparky is so fond of his cell phone, he can’t get a new one and refers to them as We. But he’s not a fan of blower fans. Buh-bye.


3 thoughts on “Post 789: Modern Old Technology

  1. Why would the putative purchaser’s location be of importance?
    If they are in Katmandu abd are reading the Ish CL listings, ww hope they have sorted the geographical differences already.


  2. Well, so it’s a fan from a 5 ton ac unit, that is alleged to run on either 120 or 240 VAC.

    That’s fine–how mant amps? Start-up amps in particular. Is a starting capacitor required? How many CFM is the fan rated for? Is it constant or variable volume? What are the dimensions of this beast?
    Who did the parting out–an hvac tech, or a slow crank who does not text?

    This is like posting that one has a red 18″ vinyl back seat for sale. Precise, except for the parts that aren’t.


  3. An OBO can attract a wolf, which attracts a string quartet named Peter, etc. It gets complicated. I don’t keep them around.

    I’m also not a fan of texts — I use a land line in my house. But when I use my cell phone, it is in my pocket. I’m not quick on the draw, but it doesn’t take me very long to answer.

    And if I want to cool my garage this time of year, I open the door. It’s 15° outside.

    Sorry, Sparky.


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