Post 790: Call Me Al

small birds for sell – $10

post 790 birds

i have pigen and doves for salepls call me bobby

I learn to speak pigen English but still nobody call me. I don’t really want to for sell them, but it’s the only way I can talk to peoples. I get more soon. You call me then.


3 thoughts on “Post 790: Call Me Al

  1. So, the mystery is “Who is Bobby?”
    It’s not Bobby Hill, as his diction & grammar are better.
    Probably not Ricky Bobby, either (as Daytona is not for a month, yet).
    Not Bobby Flay, eirher, as no mention of a corn tamale.
    So, my vote is still that Bobby is the pigeon.
    The doves are probably Bob and White, but are sticking with Dumb and Dumber–snitches get stitches.

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