Post 793: Bamboozle


post 793 bamboo.jpg

Free bamboo take as much as you want. Dead or dying plants. Cut and remove about 20 foot tall.
still plenty left cut or dig what you want.

Trust me, I know people who would love to take advantage of this offer. No doubt, they would level the entire growth and then sell the poles for so much per foot. If they can get to the bamboo stand with a truck or trailer. And if there are no wild creatures living there, like rats or bats or skunks. And if they don’t get eaten alive by the mosquitoes living in the stagnant water nearby. Just saying, this may not be the great opportunity it looks at first glance.


3 thoughts on “Post 793: Bamboozle

  1. Spark is likely to be disappointed with how small a quantity bamboo hunters actually require.

    That is, if he’s not flooded with requests for the magic “how” je managed to kill off a 20 foot stand of bamboo. (I strongly suspect that Spark is unaware of “understory dormancy,” a rrasonably common thing with bamboo stands (and doubly so with cane stands).

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  2. To bambooor not to bamboo
    That is the question
    W’ere tis nobler to suffer
    The stings and cuts of razor edge foilage
    Or leave well enough alone
    To risk the dormant weeds, resurgent
    In one’s own yard,
    Or, to sleep, forever more, along the Right of Way?
    Aye, tis the question, indeed
    Or, perchance to dream, instead.


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