Post 794: Crank It Up

Aluminum, crank window. Works fine, broken pane. Free – must pick up.

No. Really. If a window has a broken pane, it does not do what it was intended to do. Therefore it does not work fine. I think Sparky is overcharging here. He should be paying someone to take it away. Or at least throw in the coffee cup, storage bin, and ladder. Maybe a few tickets for a whale watching harbor cruise.


3 thoughts on “Post 794: Crank It Up

  1. A side hinged window, often operated with a rotary handle, is generally known as a casement window.
    These are often only used where bugs are few in number (as they are complicated to screen). They can be less convenient where wind-blown rain is common.

    Because thet are hinged, the outer frame needs to be as rigid as the sash of the window. Something this floppy mess clearly is not.

    As the sash is hinged, it often cannot be dismounted from its frame. Which means the glazing person must make a house call and work on the window in situ. Which will be extra. Which sparky has discovered, and that a replacement window is cheaper than the glass company. And now they have a junked window to dispose of.

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  2. To see or not to see
    Or to wall the breach up
    With our reolacement window.
    Whether tis nobler to hire dedicated glazier
    Or just get a replacement on sale
    To take up the countenance of a Not.A.Lion
    And face down the contractors
    Perchance to deem
    Worthy of Angie’s List stars
    And to abandon their trash
    Forever more.


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