Post 795: A Real Steal

Michael kors totes bag
condition: new
I can ship if more convenient for you I got a Michael Kors totes handbag with a leather brown strap for Christmas as a gift but it’s not my style I believe it is a purple merlot color selling to best offer if you email me i will respond the bag itself is about 9inches wide and 9 inches height( not including how tall it is with the strap)

How do I know this is really a Michael Kors totes? Besides the million times the brand name appears on the handbag. And why didn’t you ask for some punctuation for Christmas? That’s one size fits all, that is. Not your style but it was the easiest thing to grab and stuff down your shorts. Ew. And what’s the idea of not naming a price? You can’t sell it for the same as the tag from the store. It’s used now! Half off at least for being placed somewhere the sun don’t shine. Ew.


3 thoughts on “Post 795: A Real Steal

  1. Kind of telling that whoever the bag was Christmas shoplifted for didn’t want it.

    The lack of an anti-theft tag speaks volumes about the store, too. (Or Spark’s skills with such things.)

    Let’s see what Unc’ Goggl says. Looks like that is the outlet store price (and that a number of stores sell for less).

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