Post 796: Let Me Call You Sweetheart, I Can’t Remember Your Name

Vintage Swiss Musical Pendant – $55
Vintage musical pendant. Stamped Swiss made. Plays “Let me call you sweetheart”. Pendent measures 1.5″ x 1″. Has stones on the front, looks like faux diamonds and a pearl. The casing looks like brass but think its a plating as there are areas that is loosing the plating. Presented in a beautiful box with a dragon on the front. Great vintage piece.

But is it Vintage? This item actually is interesting and looks nice. I can’t imagine wearing it comfortably. It must weigh a pound or two. The plating is coming off from all the times a wearer was thrown in a river or lake and not heard from again until the pendant washed ashore. And if it’s Swiss-made, how did it get an Asian dragon box to go with it? Somewhere a Mahjong set is looking for its missing tray.


3 thoughts on “Post 796: Let Me Call You Sweetheart, I Can’t Remember Your Name

  1. Says it’s Swiss? So did the infamous Kurt Waldheim, look what that got him.
    Before the breakup, there was a Province in the Republic of China named “Usa” which made products for export labed “made in usa” nearly legitimately. Go figure.

    Mind, the most popular fast food joint in PRC is KFC. Enough so, there is a knock-off called KFG serving virtually the same meals.

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  2. A rose by any other name is but a rose
    A tulip, though is another thing altogether.
    But, Horatio, we are not in unison
    Strooth Muckl, you are several sons
    And too many a beach between, too
    Now, as one, let’s wing it lest Ariel turn us all into newts again.


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