Post 797: Better Unplug It

necklace, earrings, pendant, bracelet – $5
I am downsizing my jewelry collection by parting some necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins:
1) new stimulated diamond necklace with matched earrings: $15
2) ruby rhinestone necklace: $3
3) clipp on pearl earrings: $3
4) rhinestone crystal pin: $5
5) A new set of silver natural ruby stud earrings and necklace pendant: $39
6) 24 inches natural freshwater plump pearl (10mm) necklace and matched earrings: $29
7) 33 inches natural freshwater plump pearl (7mm) necklace: $19
9) new silver crystals pendant: $10
10) quartz crystal bracelets (purple, yellow): $3 each
11) new rainbow stone quartz necklace: $10
12) black gemstone stud earrings: $3
13) jade pearl bracelets: $3 each
14)Vintage jade pearl necklace: $10
All items are in great condition, clean and well kept. please text show contact info only you are serious for details.

I had hoped that only the first item would be listed in this ad. Stimulated diamond jewelry is all the rage these days. Sadly, some of the items listed are perfectly fine. Now, the freshwater plump pearl necklace is a bit of a puzzle. And the pearl earrings are so ugly, Sparky thought using two ps in clipp would make them sell. Notice how so many people feel the need to explain why they are selling stuff? Sparky, if you part the necklaces and bracelets, they won’t work anymore. At least we have been spared the key words wall of text that would have blown up the intertubes.


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