Post 798: Roll Out the Barrel

Old metal drum /barrel
Old metal drum /barrel free for the taking. Most of it is solid except for a couple spots where it was laying on the ground. Use it for a project or scrap it. Come pick it up!

A new government program to dispose of hazardous waste. Leave the crusty old containers on people’s property and make them think they can sell it on Craigslist.

I have a friend who does barrel racing. She could beat this one in 12 parsecs. Thanks for the ad, Ralph, I’m sure the residue from the barrel will freshen up the lounge.


7 thoughts on “Post 798: Roll Out the Barrel

  1. Well, given tbat there are different types of barrels, the lack of specificity is not going the help those in need of a barrel.

    Unless we are to suppose that the thing is rusted beyond type. Which does not suggest much salvage value.

    We also must note that Sparky offers us no sort of comparitive bar to measure their metalurgical skills. “Most of it solid, but…” solid as what, lasagne noodles, Zimbabwe dollars, adamantine? Having this thing burst into a cloud of rust particles after hotting the first bumb in the road is not going to improve jappinrss.

    For those curious, barrels are either “bulk” or fluids. Bulk use a flat cover (or covers) held on with compression bands. Fluid barrels have some sort of bung in the head end.

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  2. I removed three of these from my property; I hope there was nothing worse than diesel fuel in them. Mine were covered with leaves and not visible from the driveway 50 feet away. I never thought of listing them on CL.

    We’re still trying to find the source of of fresh (not degraded) DDT contamination entering a tributary of Squam Lake (Golden Pond) in NH. It could be one of these in the woods somewhere.

    Sparky may see this and think someone might want it for a BBQ or something. I see it and think it’s time to test the well water.

    Why can’t I find free barrels of beer on CL?

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  3. We needed a new fire barrel for the lounge. It’ll look great next to the cardboard box I got last week. Now we just need a few pilfered shopping carts and at least twelve blue tarps and I’ll have nailed this Shabby-Chic-Distressed-Restored look that’s so popular now a days.

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