Post 799: Pepto dismal

Medicine Cabinet – $20
Antique Medicine Cabinet, measures 27″ wide x 26″. Mirrored door, with old Pepto Bismal pink paint.$20

I’ve never understood why people use horrible colors or patterns in the bathroom. That’s a place of refuge where you go to be sick, not where you go to be made sick. Sorry, Sparky, this one gets to stay with you. Thanks, NinjaChow, for the ad and the title.


7 thoughts on “Post 799: Pepto dismal

  1. “Antique,” in this sense obviously means “pretty please with sugar on it, do not test this paint for lead.” And also ignore all the meth lab chemicals soaked in, or as residue in the corners.

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  2. To pink or not to pink
    That ought not be the question
    Of whether to suffer the heaves and hurls
    Of outrageous color selection
    Or, to lapse, spent, in our emesis.
    O please, perchance to sleep
    And of this abomination, not to dream
    But, instead, to thrive or die
    As gastric requires.


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  3. Out! Out, dam- box!
    Who would have though it
    So full of pink
    Screw the courage to the puking place.
    And we’ll not fail, lest the lead paint
    Take us in our sleep
    The daggers hath laid the box so
    No fatal appearance of pepto allows
    And no more morrow shal box see.
    Out, out, dam’ box, so ever full of pink.

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