Post 800: My Heart’s on My Meat

Valentine special – $1350
Tomahawk steakscant beat this price 13.50 a pound a perfect gift for a Valentine’s dinner

Listed under auto parts. Imagine all the guys out there thinking, “Wow, my wife/girl/Saturday Night Thing would probably stop being a vegetarian if I gave her meat for Valentine’s day.” By Sunday, he’ll be looking for a new place to stay and a freezer because he bought the $1350.00 worth of meat. Sparky, let that be a lesson to you. You can show your main squeeze your meat, but you can’t make her eat it.


6 thoughts on “Post 800: My Heart’s on My Meat

  1. Ok, a Tomahawk “steak” (a chop, really) is a very specific cut out of the ribeye primal.
    An under scrupulous person can “sneak”one by creatively cutting the sirloin primal, but, those are not as good.

    But, in any event, if a person is selling things by the pound, an average weight per cut would seem to be required.
    A 5” cut is certainly possible, but that $66.50 price tag on 5# steak might deter some buyers (and, a 5# steak is almost un cook-able, at least a as a tomahawk).

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  2. Buyer: I’d like a steak, please.
    Spark: [under vehicle] O’er yar ,[gestures vaguely].
    B: Where?
    S: Ri’ ar.
    B: Over by the cow?
    S: Yar, t’beeve.
    B: Er, it’s, it’s, chewing!
    S: Yur. Y’need’t? [Gestures with 11mm spanner]
    B: Wut?
    S: T’taket bolts oft. Har–waves 11mm closed end wtench.
    B: All I wanted was a parrot . . .

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