Post 801: Where’s Snootins?

Year of the Rat
White and Grey/Redish Rat ( GINGER SNOOTINS) looking for a nice home. Comes with hide, hammock, and outdoor inspired terrain home.

Sparky at least doesn’t offer any thinly veiled excuses for dumping the rat. He also doesn’t tell us how old Ginger Snootins is. Rats, sadly, are very short-lived, only 2 to 3 years. A free, nearly dead rat. He’s learned to blend into his surroundings so he can enjoy the last days of his life in relative comfort. Thanks, NinjaChow, for a cute but bittersweet CL ad.


4 thoughts on “Post 801: Where’s Snootins?

  1. “Comes with hide”?
    Is there a segment of to population who prefers their pet rats skinned?

    A hammock? Isn’t a wheel, meant to encourage activity, the preferred choice?

    Why do I suspect Snootins is a Norwegian Blue, and nailed to its perch?

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  2. Poor thing 😦 At first I thought he was that thing that looks like a mummified rat but then saw his little face peeping out from under it. So much wrong with the habitat, not least that the poor little chap is on his own. To be fair, he does look quite young in the photos. If he was on the right side of the Atlantic I’d have him.

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