Post 802: Purchase at Your Own Asterisk

***High Quality Golden***Retriever Puppie***

post 802 puppie.jpg

Golden Retriever Puppies.
8 Weeks old.
Full breed.
Vaccines up to date with medical records.
Males and Females.
Rehoming fee $800.
Call or Text.

The Puppie is of higher quality than Sparky. That’s because it’s Full breed. But just what is a Golden***Retriever? The picture only shows two of the puppie. Maybe one Male and one Female. Or are they both Males and Females? I’m going to pass. It’s too asterisky.


3 thoughts on “Post 802: Purchase at Your Own Asterisk

  1. Normally we each only have the one ass to risk (1*), and sparky offers us up 9.
    Perhaps Spark is from Buttock-on-Clyde where supernumerary gluteals are common.
    If we were to understand footnotes were to be expected, we remain under statisfied in that regard.
    Which gives us leave to create our own.
    *Quality subject to interpretation, and may be illusory or imaginary.
    **Not actual gold, despite “rehoming” price; percieved color may differ based on genetic makeup of viewers retina cells, and decided lack of cognitive ability by Spark.
    ***May not be juvenile version of domesticated canine, could be a ush toy, ir a clump of waddle and straw with windblown lint.

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