Post 803: Check the Duty Roster


post 803 chicken.jpg

3 chickens 1roster
One for $10 and for all $20

Oh, my. So we got some strange kind of cat math going on here. Plus a roster which I guess will tell you when each chicken is scheduled to lay an egg. They must have a union or something. Thanks, NinjaChow, these birds are very special.


3 thoughts on “Post 803: Check the Duty Roster

  1. Hmm, perhaps “roster” is meant as “rota” and indicates when we can expect to see G. gallus domesticus, rather than, say, hamsters. Or, haunted raptors.

    After all Spark has made no assertions the putative chickens are alive.

    Which brings us to the possibility Spark meant “roaster oven.” But the price seems low for that.
    Which suggests Spark over purchased whole roast chickens in a BOHI sale at the local carnicería or mercado, and just has deplorable language skills.

    We are left to speculate, as we do.

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  2. [Setting: Stalag LuftHänchen]
    Right, Colonel, we need out of this camp.
    Well, the goons have wires and towers.
    Ww could tunnel out, Sir.
    What, like rodents?
    More like moles, Sir. But we’d need to distract the guards.
    We’ll have a rota!
    Excellent idea, Sir!
    Right! We’ll need a roster, then. Craig! Take a List!

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