Post 804: Giddy Up

Wanted!! trainer/rider’s for green horse’s!

postt 804 horses.jpg

Hi there , looking for 1 or 2 nice qualified trainer’s/riders for 2 green horses!! here at there home, So the horses could go out together here on huge acreage here in no sd co. if you know of a great trainer & rider, please pass this on or let me know. thanks and happy trails!!

I need to take this one apart slowly. Have the Grammar Nazis and the Punctuation Police on standby. The Speeling Bees arrived as soon as I opened the ad. Sparky starts with a score of 100.

Minus 10 for overall misuse of exclamation points.

Minus 10 for misplaces apostrophes.

Minus 2 for misleading readers as to the color of the horse.

Minus 12 for the wrong choice of there, their, and they’re.

Minus 4 for unneeded capitalization.

Minus 16 for confusing location in an already confusing ad.

Minus 4 for missing a capitalization.

Minus 20 for overuse of the word “here”.

100 minus 78 equals 22 points. I’m afraid Sparky will have to repeat Fourth Grade.


3 thoughts on “Post 804: Giddy Up

  1. Green horse’s what?

    Perhaps the horses wrote the ad?

    Given that codicils are qualified, ine supposes those applying to riders ought be nice, as well.

    Sadly, above the quantum probabuty level, things exist within defined areas, even Schrodinger’s hotse. Unless one is inclined to put the pony before des Cartes. Even when not in a fixed–sine die–corporeal state.

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  2. My horse, a horse
    Or the kingdom is lost.
    No matter the hue
    Or lacking a shoe
    Rosez here or there
    Trampled wi’out care
    Rider’s trainers fallen slain
    Amid trainer’s riders in vain
    Thus here on North South Bosworth plain
    Richard falls, among the dead, lain.

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