Post 805: Tarantara Tarantula

Tarantula Trade?

post 805 sling

Looking to possibly trade my T. vagans (Mexican Red Rump) tarantula sling for a different tarantula or small “creepy” crawler. It’s approximately 6 months old, still doesn’t have it’s colors.

So your Red Rump is in a sling? It’s only a toddler at 6 months old! There’s a hint of racism and slavery in this ad, with just a dash of OMG What is that? Heh. A tarantula sling is a baby tarantula. Isn’t it darling?

Thanks for the arachnology lesson, Ralph!


4 thoughts on “Post 805: Tarantara Tarantula

  1. Ok, so this has been a rabbit hole of near Dickensian proportion.
    Spark’s use if “t.vagans” appears to be one of those issues of being armed with “a lttle” knowledge.
    Turns out, all the hairy ground spiders are Theraphosidae. That rather a lot are “pelma” from a wobbly translation from German to Greco-Latin.
    The, currently, correct name for the Mexican Red Rump is Brachypelma vagans.

    Now, apparently there is a push afoot to rename some of Brachypelma to Tliltocatl to accentuate their mesoamerican origin.. The problem being that “Mexican tarantulas” are found as far south as Peru & Argentina, and as far north as Canada.

    But, apparently such precision is anathema to arachnophiles, who have all cleaved to the Tliltocatl label. (Tlill TOE cahtl, I think)

    No color seems to suggest Spark has a male, as wiki says sexual dimorphism is high in Theraphosidae. The wiki article on Tarantulas is a fascinating read, if inapt for arachnophobes.

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  2. I’d like to buy an ant.
    Fresh out, mate; how ’bout ah spoder?
    But, I wanted an ant.
    Out. But, lookit, comes with a sling.
    A sling blade, for a spider?
    Mexico’s a tough country, mate.
    Well, I do not know . . .
    Only a shilling, mate, and thrupence for the sling, unless . . .
    ‘Unless’ what?
    Well, maybe you wanna trade in sumpon really creepy . . .
    Like what?
    Ooh, dunno squire, maybe a bucket of lamprey? Kilt Jenry I, they did.
    But, I wanted an ant!
    So, why’d ya comint Cheese shop, then?

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