Post 806: 23&Meow

Siamese Cat


Indoor cat only. 5.5 years old. Smart cuddly. Male, neutered. Re homing fee applies, as does references. Thank you. Ad will be taken down when he finds his purrfect home.

I’m going to need references from you, Sparky, since you think that’s a Siamese. Submitter NinjaChow stated, “I’m not a cat expert but he doesn’t look Siamese to me.” Therefore the rehoming fee should be scaled back accordingly. Thanks, NC!


4 thoughts on “Post 806: 23&Meow

  1. To cat or not to cat–that’s the question.
    Whether tis nobler to purr upon the bed
    Not yet rehomef
    Among the sane,,sensible, & referenced
    Or, opposing them, rehome-ed be.
    And thus, to nap in sunbeams
    Noe more in geographic confusion
    That cat is heir to; a consumation
    Devoutly to be wish-ed; to nap, and nap
    Some more, perchance to dream of play
    Aye, there’s the rub (No Bellies!)
    For who would bear the toys and treats of fickke time
    To race down the hall in search of the undiscovered country!
    Siam, O Siam, I am.


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