Post 809: Put Another Nickle In

This week I am proud to present NinjaChow’s collection of Imperfect Finds!

Portable Musical Book Player – $40
Portable Musical Book Player
I can’t find anything like it on the world wide web so may be the only one left in the world ??
I owned this as a teen and now i am 67 so you figure out how old it is .
I put batteries in it and does not play well so will have to be reconditioned but worked good when put it away those many years ago.!

“This is just cool.” NinjaChow, I couldn’t agree more. If I ignore the extra spaces before punctuation and the period and exclamation mark at the end, I can enjoy the one of a kind silliness of this CL ad.


2 thoughts on “Post 809: Put Another Nickle In

  1. Wow, a book-shaped 45rpm battery powered record player.
    Unique beyond words.
    However, I’ll wager you’d need another to “recondition” this one.
    And as our delightful Minjachow notes, that could be a long search.

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