Post 810: How Do You Know?

Rehome Hap’s
Need to rehome 3 f hap’s
Contact me on seacoast!

Submitter Ralph hazards a guess that these are “Female Hazardous Air Pollutants?” I have even less idea what these could be, and how Sparky can tell they are female. What do you feed a hap? I don’t play Seacoast. How else can I contact the seller? Never mind. No photos so can’t trust Sparky anyway.

6 thoughts on “Post 810: How Do You Know?

  1. Female Hazardous Access Protocols? Thar describes most teen boys’ rooms, doesn’t it?
    Reasonably certain it’s illegal to either gender or resell Homebuyer Assistance Program vouchers.
    Hmm, Hospital-Acquried Pneumonia is much in the news, but that’s seldom sex-specific; and durst difficult to rehome.

    So, I’m going out on a limp and presuming that Haplochromine cichlids (an aquarium fish). These are “African” cichlids, and are known to be aggresive and need very specific water conditions which makes them unsuited for “community” tanks.
    They have a strong sexial dichromania, which makes the females easy to pick out (and limits their sale).

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  2. Haplochromine Cichlids makes more sense than some form of haploid animal. These have half the usual number of chromosomes, since they are born “pathenogenetically” without male fertilization. They are therefore always female. Animals with chromosomes from two parents are diploid. Other than insects, haploidism is rare, except for some lizards, and of course the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. I don’t want to rehome any of those haps.

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  3. O hark, what is that, is it the East?
    No, it’s a Haploid Agonist Phage.
    My beloved, my sweet, where for art thou?
    Well, in a petrie dish at the lab.
    How my heart swells for your love.
    You do know I’m only 3 days old, right?
    E’ry second an eternity without you…
    You realize I’m about to go under electron microscopy, right?
    You are my heart’s measure and examination ….
    Yeah, about to be in a hard vacuum and bombarded with high energy electrons, so make it quick.
    No, you are my forever, my all, my being…
    Dude, you’re 15, I’m 20 nanometeres, this was not going to work. Oh, yeah, I’m “f” for being 6th generation, not an undercover feeb playin Seacoast. I am Ragnar Olafsson, Bringer of Death, and don’t swing that way.
    And put the AXE spray down, that just poisons everyobe in sniff distance, you drama queen.

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