Post 812: Things That Go Bump in the Basement

Shelf thing
We had this in our basement. It’s pressed wood with some sort of plastic covering. I thought I’d list it for free before chopping it up and taking to the land fill. The picture isn’t very good because it’s sitting in the bulkhead stairwell.

Submitter Ralph queries if this is “for book things?” Hard to tell from the photos. Also looks like getting the shelf thing out of the basement is going to be a huge chore. Frankly, I would have loved seeing Sparky chop up pressed board with a laminated surface. Thanks, Ralph, keep the submissions coming.


5 thoughts on “Post 812: Things That Go Bump in the Basement

  1. If it is a book-thing, I strongly suspect the peg-things that keep the shelves from going Boom! have vanished like yesterday’s clouds.

    So, no, Spark, I’m not going into your spodder infested cellar to go pry CAD $20 of potentially moldy melamine-laminated trash out for you.

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