Post 811: Domain Decor

Free dresser


60” long dresser in pink. Easily convertible to match the decor in your domain.
Text me @ ###-###-number###

Hello, and welcome to Domain Decor! Today we are going to take this elegant dresser found on Craigslist by Ralph (many thanks), and convert it to match the décor in the Sparkyville Domain. Pink, I’m sorry to say, is so last millennium. As you can see, the lounge is decorated in sparkling Mid-Century Rubbish with overtones of bedazzled deer parts. Now, all we need is some paint stripper and an ax. This dresser will look brilliant in the fireplace.

Note: This should have been Post 814. I apologize for the error. –Ed.


3 thoughts on “Post 811: Domain Decor

  1. It has the bone to be late Mid Century Modern, with hints of Danish Modern.

    Pink would fit with that, if, 1, a more carnation pink (less pepto bismol), and, 2, in glossy paint, which was de rigeur for MCM.

    No going to faux Danish, as I’ll wager cash money the wood under the horrible paint is some horrible random softwood, and not any more stain-grade than an apple crate.

    Given that the carcass of this thing is probably just pressed wood held together with staples, it’s probably not worth the cans of Krylon needed to make this less of an eyesore. Let alone the Kilz needed to cover the pink.


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  2. Draiser, beureaux, or Chester?
    Dunno, Sire, but yis foul pink.
    Pink? In our domain, can we not call it rouge-blanc?
    More like vomissement d’estomac . . .
    No, tis unfortunate hue, Hugh, but changable in our domain.
    Sire, vould we not move it yo another domain, perhaps the Danes, what with the rumours of rotten ness, it might reek right in!
    No! Rosencranz & Guildenstern were ill enough washed last time. Remember how long it took to sell that rug with their stains, upon? We took a right roasting on etsy for that.
    So. To Craig d’Liste, then, while we dream of avarice to be rendered to us.
    Uhm, sire, about that hawk, you know it’s back, right . . . ?

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