Post 816: Is That a Fack?

Important Notice — I’ve been so busy washing my hands and hoarding supplies that I seem to have gotten off track in my post numbers. Rather than change the titles, which are linked elsewhere by that name in a URL, I’ll make a note in each post. Thank you for your support and please stop licking the laptop. –Ed.

Fack Masks – $15
Unisex 2 ply 100% cotton Anti Dust Face Mouth and Nose Mask Washable, Reusabable – Protection from Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke, Other Airborne Irritants – Adult – Solid Color or Pattern
Adult and Junior sizes
to order.

Sparky, I’m thinking these fack masks aren’t going to do what people think they are going to do. I certainly contest the idea that they are protection against Airborne Irritating Adults. Most of the Adults I know are Solid Color, but one or two have a determinable pattern. I thought those were freckles. If I buy some of these and still get sick, may I sue you, Nurse Chrissy? My final question, how to I keep it on my Fack?


5 thoughts on “Post 816: Is That a Fack?

  1. $15 and people are being asked to sew masks for h/c workers . . .
    Mind, Spark has carefully not postulated what level of filtration these maks have, not that would be important or anything.

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