Post 817: Sparky is Scrappy

Leaking Oil tank , SCRAP


275 gallon typical tank with leaks , on the lawn .

The picture tells me nothing, except maybe Sparky got too close to the tank with that chainsaw. I can’t hardly see the tank. I Googled typical tank and got results ranging from a tank in a war game, a woman in a loose top, and a bunch of graphs for well tanks and precon tanks.

Comparing the size of that tank to the chain saw, there’s no way it would hold 275 gallons, even before Sparky had at it with the saw. Submitter Ralph says, “No wonder it leaks on the lawn”. Wonder if the buyer has to clean up the grass? This is too confusing for me. Do let me know if you figure out the riddle of where the extra gallons go.


3 thoughts on “Post 817: Sparky is Scrappy

  1. Spark is clearly new at this, on eBay, when you sell busted stuff, you label is as “For Parts” (and then list it with a price 125% of new retail).

    As is the case with all too many sparkii, this one has chosen a unique and atypical form of measurement/identification. Most people shop for chainsaws by the model, and the length of the bar. (One does not approach the felling of a mighty Larch with an 18″ bar, saw made by “Billy.”)
    Instead, Spark has decided the measure ought to be the least important one, the size of the gas tank on the saw. Which our worthy has managed to misstate horribly. 275 US gallons is about 37 cubic feet (around 1047 litres), so, that’s right out. 27.5 gallons is about the size of a large vehicle’s gas tank (3.7cf / ±20L). So, let’s try 2.75 gallons. That’s only a third of a cubic foot (635 cubic inches) or about 10L, which is still an ungainly amount to put on an ordinary chainsaw (imagine three one-gallon [or 10 1L] milk jugs). So, we are left with 0.275 gallons, Which is 635 cubic inches, or right at one liter, a much more sensible quantity to carry in one’s chainsaw.

    Presuming a person needed parts (other than a leaking fuel tank) knowing the exact model number and saw bar size is pretty critical for assessing value.

    Instead, what we have is some Eloi to spoilt to drive to the household waste depot and give the theing to them for correct disposal.

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  2. Here, Sire, take this up at once!
    Wha’ tis it?
    Tis a tank, Sire, of many gallons.
    A tank, forsooth, we will sweep the field! Pray, what span is the gun?
    It hath no gun, sire, but a chain, and I do not know the measure of such things.
    What, how then are we t wield this?
    I know not, my liege, for I am simple.
    “Simple?” The Kingdom is near lost and to bring me this thing? WHay is it dripping?
    It leaks, Sire, I know not why.
    So, to rescue the Realm, you are asking me to take up this thing and let it piddle on our Foes? Verily, thou art daft, and lack a decimal.

    And, thus, was a Kingdom laid low.

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