Post 820: Someone’s Lion

Vintage Pair Concrete Cement Lions Garden Patio Statues – $195
Cool Authentic Quality Heavy Concrete Cement Pair of Lions Ground Lawn Statuary in Excellent Condition. Dimensions are 30” Long, 19” Tall, 10” Wide. Very Rare.
Great for Nurseries, Gardens, Yards and Patios. Indoors and Outdoors. Interior and Exterior Decorators, Designers. Restaurants. These are the real thing and hard to find. Nice Gift.
Please call Shelly or Daniel. Thanks

So I know there’s a difference between cement and concrete. So which are these? They may be the real thing, but they’re dirty, heavy, and there are far too many shots of their butts. I wonder if Shelly or Daniel delivers?


4 thoughts on “Post 820: Someone’s Lion

  1. Our esteemed Windy is correct, cement and concrete are two different things, at least in denotation.

    Cement is anything which binds two other things together.

    Concrete is a mix of graded sizes of stone which are held together with cured Portland Cement (a slaked Lime product).

    Concrete uses bits of rock from fine sand to heavy gravels (this is an entire college course) so as to both make the end result as much stone as possible ,and use the least amount of Portland Cement (it’s very expensive stuff, relatively) to create the end product. The water added to the mix allows it to flow into forms, but, most importantly, creates the cehmical reacion in the lime that turns it into a glue.

    There are those who refer to fine grain (and fine finished) concrete as “cement” but, it’s all concrete, really.

    There is another building product sometimes used for statuary, “cast stone” which uses a mix of either marble or limestone dust mixed with a specific form of portland cement, which is set, dry into forms, and hit with pneumatic hammers (with soft heads) that binds the stone using heat & compression to activate the lime. This makes a very smooth product which can be repeatably cast in forms. It’s very hard to tell from cast concrete, and somewhat cost-competitive. (Cast concrete looks better from afar than from near).

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