Post 821: So Mature

Mature Palm Tree!

post 821 palm tree.jpg

condition: new
In my backyard I have a large palm tree 11′ tall, from base to crown, that could be removed and transplanted. Although it is only 11′ in height, the trunk is 2′ in diameter . I’m not sure how old it is but it’s obviously mature. You will need to excavate the tree from my backyard.
Trunk diameter: 2′
Approx height: 11′

Today on Sparky Does Science and Stuff, we are going to guess the weight of an 11-foot palm tree with a 2-foot diameter trunk. Also, we will plot the best way to get an excavator into a small residential back yard, and how much damage to the landscaping Sparky will put up with. Extra points for taking out part of the structure, especially the roof, while backing out with the tree.

4 thoughts on “Post 821: So Mature

  1. Well, the root ball on palms tends to be rather small, which is a plus (until you replant it).
    But, yes, that beast is going to weigh in a few stones more than a kilo.
    Probably more than the average pickup truck can carry.
    So, the buyer will need a trailer.
    And an excavator, which will need a trailer, too.
    None of which will much fit through the 3 foot wide gate in the concrete block wall of the yard.

    Yep, Spark, you have the horns of a lemur right there.

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  2. Hmm, just occurred, chainsawing palm trees is a female dog of a task.
    Especially in chunks suitable to hand carry through the narrow gate.

    Yep, sparky this sex toy of yours has no lube, and appears to be made of yucca spines.

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  3. Out! Out, dam Palm
    Who’d a ken t’would hae so much sap in ’em
    Foul deed, done, yet not done
    Mayhap Duncan be brought
    To bay, to hew and rend
    This evil bright away.
    Nay, not Duncan, to braw keen for it
    Sooth, then Craig, enlist.

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