Post 822: Easter Nightmares

Vintage Easter – $20

post 822 easter nightmare

Dept 56 Vintage Chick and Bunny Rabbit candy basket containers. 2 chick candles.

Things like this are often the cause of children growing up to have a compound in Montana or become an ax-wielding murderer. The eyes keep staring. Then the voices start. Eat all the candy eggs, no one will notice. Hack open the chocolate bunny. Light one of the chick candles. We’ll have so much fun roasting the Peeps over it. I wonder if Dept. 56 is the agency that cleans up the poor, demented kids.


3 thoughts on “Post 822: Easter Nightmares

  1. Look, it’s easter for the followers of Crom!

    Gather treats in the hollowed heads of your trophies!

    Burn your captives as votative offerings!

    Show the snake-worshipers your zeal!

    Only $20 for $4 of dollar-store horrors!

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