Post 823: You Could Have Had a V-8

Ford 302’s
Come take it all! FREE!!!

Only someone with a small block would want this stuff. Looks like a Meteor or a Super Cyclone went through it. You’d think Sparky would have cleaned it up a bit before taking the pictures. The parts just don’t appeal to my pallet. Get it? Thanks, Ralph, keep the submissions coming in.



4 thoughts on “Post 823: You Could Have Had a V-8

  1. Ok, for one, that V-6 in the last photo is not a “302”–it might displace ±302 cubic inches, but that does not make it a “302.”


  2. Here we see what happens when you trade a reasonably good cow for magic beans from the first legumemonger you meet.
    You wind up with three pallets of seized up engine parts well beyond saving, and worth less at the scrap iron yard than the fuel to drive them there.


  3. Yes, Sire?
    We shall have a carriage of muscle, bring forth your motors!
    [Scurries off & returns]
    Here, Sire, verily, three pallats’ worth!
    Varlet, what filth is this, is this some knavish treachery?
    Nay, Sire, they are Three-Oh-Twos!
    What? Curst spawn, knave, bleating ass, coxcomb!
    Nay, Sire, none of those, surely!
    Call me not Shirley! And thers no such thing as a V-6 302!
    But, sire, it’s 5 liters, it might as well be a 302!
    Bite thy tongue lest I have it cut out!
    Have you every seen a blower on a V-6? Nay! For chix do not dig it, getcha!
    No, away! Guards, seize this filth, he is sentenced to drive the Trabant!
    Nooooo, Sire, have Mercy!
    Nay, thou hat raised my ire and stained the carpets with used oil–it’s the Yugo for you!


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