Post 824: Eggstravagant

Ostrich Easter eggs. for eating – $50
condition: new
make / manufacturer: Momma Ostrich
model name / number: Huge Egg
size / dimensions: very large
Easter is almost upon us and now is the time to pick up something extraordinary for this years special day. How about serving up an egg from the worlds largest bird!!…To say these eggs are huge is an understatement…. Averaging 2 dozen extra large chicken eggs in volume, they easily feed up to 12 people…And NO , you do not have to eat it all at one sitting!… Ask us how and we will give you a few tips….
Eat these any way you would chicken eggs. And yes, they do make a great deviled egg!!….Reserve yours now as they tend to sell out quickly and we don’t want you disappointed…..You will have to come to the ranch to pick them up as we will not ship….. Why not take the short tour while you are here and make a day of it .. You will be amazed at what you see!….
Discount available for on orders over 1 egg and please remember; THESE EGGS ARE FOOD EGGS AND NOT FOR HATCHING.…

Sparky, you sure know how to shake up Easter! In these days of hoarding, a couple of these eggs would keep a family going for days. I am a little concerned that there are things I will be amazed at on the tour. Like how you get the eggs away from those giant kicking birds. And you know the photo you have of a bird is the male, right? That is probably the biggest cock one would get a chance to see.


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