Post 825: A Few Minor Issues

4.5 yr doberman
I’m looking for a good home for a 4.5 doberman he is a good dog just has issues I was not told about when I adopted him .
1. he has been abused in the past
2. he can be a little aggressive
snapping, lunging and growling
did bit me once got my finger
3. he is not well leash trained
4. not well socialized ..
5. does not like loud noise and gets skittish
the good about him he can be very loving does good around the house off leash stays fairly close and comes when called he is house trained,
dosent bark inside …
for the reasons listed above I wont let him go to a home with kids and will be asking adopter to sign an acknowledgement agreement for the issues listed …
small 200$ adopting fee

Uh. Doesn’t bark inside but does growl and bite. Loving until there is a loud noise. Not well socialized but that won’t be easy to correct in these times. So Sparky, how long have you had this dog? Does he have a name? Maybe if you treated him more like a family member he’d be less aggressive. And as soon as you realized there were issues, this dog should have gone to a trainer or even a Dobie rescue organization that can deal with the problem.

You know what, if I had the money to spend, I’d take him off your hands and get him the help he needs. Thanks, NinjaChow, for this mind-expanding submission. And for inspiring another Pet Week!


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