Post 826: Oh, Winston!

Guinea Pig looking for a good home – $25

post 826 winston

Guinea Pig looking for a good home
Message or call ### number number number number ###

Back in the day on YouSuckatCraigsList, we often were treated to the Adventures of Winston and Pickles, two smart guinea pigs who looked out for each other and escaped a pet store. They were looking for a good home. Now, it looks like Winston is on his own. He was very good at placing ads on CL. I certainly hope he gets what he’s looking for. Nice selfie, there, big guy!


5 thoughts on “Post 826: Oh, Winston!

  1. I always think you are funny/witty. Dog knows, though, these are strange days indeed. Hope everyone is doing okay out there. And that these poor little critters find safe and loving homes. Not their fault this world is such a mess.

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