Post 828: He’s So Heavy

Old oil tank made into storage


I have an old oil tank in my backyard that the previous owner made into storage unit. It is pretty heavy.

Me: So what do you do with it, then?

Sparky: Whatever you want. Keep tools in it, make a compost bin out of it, anything at all.

Me: Could I wear it as a hat?

Sparky: It’s pretty heavy for that.

Me: Dunno what to use it for, then.

Sparky: Well, you can self isolate in it! Plenty of room.

Me: Really? I dunno. Can you get in and show me how much room there is?

Sparky: Of course. Now you stay here and keep the lid up.

Me: Right.

Sparky: (climbs in)

Me: Very roomy! Needs a pillow and a blanket. Be right back. (closes lid)

Sparky: No, don’t do that. Open up, please. (raps on lid) Hello? This isn’t funny.

Me: I hope someone else comes to look at it soon.

Thanks to submitter Ralph for the self-isolation suggestion that triggered the above scene.


4 thoughts on “Post 828: He’s So Heavy

  1. So many questions to ask.
    Like did the original converter properly dispose of the sludge i nthe tank before or after taking a cutting torch to it?
    Were the PCBs in the tank property abated?
    Has the remaining paint been tested for lead?
    Why is there a hasp on the outside?
    Has any provision made to support the lid when open?

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  2. Eyeballing the fence behind it, this critter is about 42-48″ long, And perhaps 30″ wide and a bit more than two foot tall.
    So, that’s a bit less roomy than most basement dwellers.

    Hmm, checking the dimensions, that’s in the right range for a 138 gallon tank, which will weigh 160#, not including the door or gimp kept within.

    Which means it’s not likely to fit in the back of a Toyota Leaf.

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    • Most home heating oil tanks here are 275 gallons. Horizontal dimensions are 44 inches wide, 27 inches high and 60 inches long. If it is 12 ga. single wall it is about 280 lbs. before modifications. Or extra dead bodies. That fence section is probably 8′, not 4′ wide.

      Roof racks are available for the Nissan Leaf, but that’s about double their load rating. It can, however, pull a 2000 lb. trailer — just not very far.

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