Post 829: Ghost Riders on the Lawn

Free horse riding toy
Hedstrom horse riding toy. Has lost all its paint but still rideable. All my kids have used it.

How sad is a riding toy with no eyes and no saddle? How exactly did all your kids use it? Sparky, for the love of Dog, don’t get them a living, breathing pet. That’s all I ask. PS, this horse is creepy.


4 thoughts on “Post 829: Ghost Riders on the Lawn

  1. Puir, puir Dickie
    Yer realm lasite fuir lase ane ah hedstrom
    Ane y’r haide tae, fell’t like the sarkt Rose ‘t’was
    Gaine nekkid inta nuit wi’aught a speek
    An nae bairne tae reed
    Raw’t wuid sae plaine
    Gae ye ‘een twixt rider ane ‘skye ane braw desert
    Nae name, Nae name ‘t’all

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