Post 831: Cool Story, Bro

Bamboo-The Plant That Has The Potential To Save The World……

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Bamboo absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than any other plant with equal biomass. Scientist all agree that if Humanity completely utilized bamboo to its fullest potential global warming could be reversed in 10 yrs. The Much Better New and Improved Green Deal is here and ready to be implemented.
Just because bamboo can cure global warming, we shouldn’t let that fact deter from another fact that bamboo also serves as a food source for billions of people in Asia. Bamboo is a plant that can achieve what the politicians can’t. BAMBOO/HEMP 2020
Our new venture…
Call and inquire. We are looking for a whiskey brewer
In a speech, Thunberg said “nothing is being done to halt this crisis despite all the beautiful words and promises by our elected officials.”
How dare you not plant bamboo? We’ll be watching you. Lol

The picture of food being grilled is not all bamboo. Possibly Sparky has been nipping too much at his own whiskey. Which, by the way, is distilled. Not brewed. I also think you left out the fact that bamboo can be made into fabric, to build roads and buildings, to increase fertility in cows, and very important to note these days, to make toilet paper.

I guess once we “cure” global warming, we won’t have anything left to do but sit around drinking whiskey out of bamboo cups.


6 thoughts on “Post 831: Cool Story, Bro

  1. Considering everyone is supposed to be staying home right now I can think of worse ways to pass the time than drinking whiskey out of bamboo cups. On a side note some of the distillers up here in the great white north have switched to making hand sanitizer for the cause. I managed to find a bottle of the stuff and although at 70% alcohol I am sure it will do the job, my hands are now smelling more like vokda than rubbing alcohol. 🙂

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  2. As there’s no mention of compensation, it seems likely the successful applicant will have to either be paid in product, or by being given credit on the web site..
    Or by being given a quota of bamboo to fell per day.

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  3. Given the low sugar content of bamboo, and how difficult bamboo is to pulp to make mash, the production of distilled spirits of bamboo is likely going to require more hectares of product than Spark, et al, are currently imagining.
    If the intention is to age the product in bamboo, the fact that, in several thousand years, no one has much perfected bamboo cooperage is likely to be an issue.
    Charring the inside of bamboo is unlikely to produce the caramel flavors of oak, and, instead, more of a burnt grass flavor, which will hardly improve the taste of distilled spirits.

    Perhaps Sparky et all need to lay off the bowl a bit.

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