Post 852: A Roof Over Our Heads

Shelter – $200
Shelter for sale. Approximately 16’ x 12’. Buyer must disassemble, but I’m willing to help. Email, text or call if interested.

Being under Shelter in Place orders, I’m not sure how this will work. This would be a shelter no longer in place. Also, I know how to disassemble but not so sure I can put myself back together again. And what purpose does that even serve, Sparky? smh

4 thoughts on “Post 852: A Roof Over Our Heads

  1. Er, that appears to be a garage door nailed to semi-rotten swamp lumber.

    Not sure that qualifies much as “sun shade” leat alone shelter.

    If some one says, “There are tigers loose! Get to shelter!” this would not be my first choice. If the radio warned “Severe Hail storm coming, seek shelter.” Again, this is not going to be my choice, other than very near last (hiding under the tigers would be my last choice).


  2. The offer to help disassemble is appreciated, but, I have a rope and a trailer and it only needs to be good enough to get to the dump.
    So, thanks but no thanks.


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