Post 833: Was She Still Dead?

Big Clump Timber Bamboo just Dug Up Mei Nung – $25
Just dug up a big clump of Dendrocalamus latiflorus cv. ‘Mei Nung’ Timber bamboo… large clump would barely fit in a 20gal tub…$50… smaller clump is 15ga size..$25 ready to go in the ground!!! Also have Vivax Runner some Beechey Cheeep… no oldhami but I may dig some up soon. by [location] walmart

The Coronavirus has been rumored to come from a bat, which may mean it has ties to vampires and werewolves and zombies. Poor Mei Nung, even if she walks slower and looks pretty bad, that’s no reason to call her a clump. Son of a Cheeep Beeechy, what did she ever do to you?


3 thoughts on “Post 833: Was She Still Dead?

  1. Hmm, if memory serves, “Mei” is Chinese for “Maiden” often in a sense of “virginal.”
    Just how are we to access this labeling of bamboo?

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  2. So much to unpack here.
    Spark’ is asserting they dug up various quantities of plant material. Does Spark’ have permission to do so?
    Or is this some sort of entrapment efforst by bored State Agricultural Inspectors?

    20 gallons is a huge landscaping quantity, usually, over 15 gallons, plant materials is balled and crated (20 gallons is 75 litres).
    Then, we have catmath with a switch from gallons (gal) to gauge (ga).
    15 wire gauge is 0.057 inches, and not volumetric.
    15 sheet metal gauge is 9/128 inches per US law (15 USC 206); again, not volumetric.
    15 gauge shotgun would have a bore diameter of 0.677 inches, and represents a weight/volume of 1/15 pound of lead (Pb).
    Which would be like one stalk of bamboo, hardly worth $25.

    Now, given that Winchester has not loaded 15ga shells since about 1887, having one might well be worth $25. But, not if it’s made of bamboo.

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